Kutch Attraction – Kutch is one of the largest districts affluent with great Art and Culture in Gujarat state of western India. This is from one of the favorite tourist destinations not only for the Indian tourists but for the world tourists those who travel in India as well. Participation in Rann Utsav (literally known as Rann of Kutch) for the tourists is from the top priorities if they travel Kutch during winter. The Rann is also known for its marshy salt flats that become white like snow when the water dries before the monsoon rains.

In Kutch, the language spoken predominantly is Kutchi but other dialects like Sindhi and Hindi are also spoken. Like languages spoken in Kutch, there are many other tourists destination to travel in Kutch for the tourists. The famous places from major tourist spots and activities to do in Kutch, Gujarat is Kutch Festival, Mandavi Beach, Dholavira, Shopping, ATV Rides and others, We offer the various tour packages for the tourists who visit in Kutch and want to explore this wonderful city of Gujarat. Our all packages are available at best prices compared to the others in the industry. Apart from these, we also offer all types of Tent Services to our travelers. So if you visit Kutch, Gujarat, come and experience our unparalleled and impeccable services to make your lifetime memories.

Here we are going to give you the list various activities to do in Kutch, Gujarat.

Mandvi Beach – Mandavi Beach is a famous place for an evening stroll. It is quite famous for peace and calmness that’s why it attracts Painters, Bookwriters, and guests those who look to simply relax. The Mandvi Beach is one of the busiest and crowded tourist’s destinations. It experiences pleasing climatic conditions all year round and is an ideal summer tourist destination.

Dholavira – It is a famous historical excavation site in Gujarat. It is a beautiful, charming and unique place, known as a paradise on the earth. Dholavira site shows evidence of a remarkable planned city with broad roads with a central citadel.  In this famous tourist spot, there is a best-preserved stone architecture. It is located near the Great Rann of Kutch.

Aina Mahal – Aina Mahal is known for its stunning mirror work and was built in 1752. Apart from the Mirror Work, Marbles, Sprinkled Jewellary and Reflective Lighting are the unusual showcases to be experienced here.

Shopping – The market of Bhuj includes the Silver & Gold Jewelry, Chunky Silver Jewelry, and Carved Woodcrafts. The shopping of these will give you a lifetime experience. Unique Pottery Items, Wall Hangings, Decorative Pieces and Artwork are found in a great number in the market of Bhuj.

Kutch Festival – This six-day long festival is a famous festival organized during February or March to honor Lord Shiva.

ATV Rides – ATV Rides with blowing winds on Kutch desert give you an awesome feeling.

Camel Safari – This is one of the famous activities to do in Rann of Kutch, Gujarat. Winter is the best time to do this activity. These can be done during the day trips in the Rann.

Apart from these, there are many other tourist spots nearby Kutch also planned by us.

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